Save For College OR Save For Retirement

Many people are faced with tough choices when allocating their budget.  If you are in a situation, like many, where you are trying to juggle retirement savings or college savings, then your priority should be retirement.

  • No one is going to finance your retirement
  • Junior can always get a student loan
  • Junior may end up with scholarships
Bottom line is that once you have decided to retire, you may realize that you can help junior out by paying off student loans but at minimum, you will be able to make that choice, if you save for college first, then you will not have that choice and many scholarships are based on need and if you have a pile saved for junior, you may have just killed his chances for some free money and your retirement at the same time.

Divorce Rate Among Boomers Making It Harder To Retire

Divorce Rates Amongst Boomers Growing
Boomers are divorcing at alarming rates and that is not making retirement easy.  Great article at USA today.

Investing is tough enough as it is but starting over with half a nest egg in your fifties is daunting.

First step is to identify where you want to live, be careful, this is likely your biggest asset.

Make sure it is paid for in full before retiring.  Any mortgage at all can be a retirement killer.

Be super realistic with all your bills and start over.


Not Too Late To Get Your Nest Egg Rolling

If you are like most people, you are behind on saving that retirement nest egg.  It's not too late but you have to get rolling, asap.

To get a picture of where you are now, no need to pay someone for what is a few simple calculations that can be done in five minutes.  I call it the realistic retirement calculator at the top of the page or here.

Here are few things you can do to get rolling;
  • track your spending, use a credit card for everything one month and you will see what you really are spending and I will be you it's alot more than you think
  • automate your savings into your 401k or IRA and choose the lowest cost fund or ETF
  • start to think about where you want to retire and contemplate the increase/decrease in costs
  • re-evaluate all your insurance needs including long term care