Pay Cash For Everything

Boomers are those born from 1946 to 1964 and as we know, all too well, some are starting to retire already and of course, all will sooner or later.

The biggest problem facing boomers is (drumroll please) - debt!

If you are a boomer with debt, cut it out, now.  Debt affects everyone but will affect baby boomers more as we retire.

While you may not have learned yet to pay for things with cash, its never too late to learn.  Use actual cash and / or a debit card.

Debt crushes your ability to save because by its nature, anything you haven't paid off is costing you money, a lot of it.  Revolving credit cards, auto loans, etc, are just terrible, you are paying 12-20% and your savings is maybe 1-2%.  STOP IT!

You may think you are older now and you deserve to buy this item you have waited for but unless you have the cash, you do not deserve it just yet.

PS.  Did you know that Sears #1 business segment is credit cards?